corsair virtuoso rgb wireless se review

The audio quality was so good that it compared favorably with the audio from my Blue Yeti. And the Virtuoso does have a lot of memory foam padding on the earcups and headband. The Virtuoso are a departure from the Corsair Void … This headset is built on a primarily plastic frame, but … This is a gaming headset built like a like a piece of high-end audio hardware. Despite all the options, the headset is ultimately a straightforward plug-and-play affair. Now Corsair is looking to get into a little pricier territory with a new range of products. Corsair has pretty much dropped everything from their previous headsets in favour of a new design, hardware, and more. The new headset is aimed at gaming and music-loving audiophiles. These headphones embrace your skull with a firm grip which starts firm and gets more intense as the day goes on. The only real difference between the two headsets is the fact that the SE version comes with an aluminum construction, with micro-perforations on the sides for the RGB lighting. Even so, though, they’re best enjoyed in somewhat small doses. Corsair’s Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE – Bridging the Gulf Between Wireless and Wired by Tom Roeder on December 25, 2019 in Audio & Media , Peripherals When you’re in intense gameplay, the last thing you want to worry about is your connection dropping, or getting tangled up in wires. Gamers with glasses may prefer something with velour earpads instead, as leatherette can cause issues around the arms of a pair of glasses. In short, you shouldn’t have any trouble hearing footsteps in Valorant, even if guns are going off. In Pac-Man by the Gorillaz and ScHoolboy Q, the drum and distorted bass track that drive the song really come through clearly. Are there less comfortable headphones out there? The Virtuoso SE has the following differences: Has micro-perforated RGB … That reaches much further into the high end than the typical gaming headsets, which often emphasize bass response to the exclusion of all else. Editor’s note: This article was updated on November 23, 2020, to answer a question in the FAQ regarding wireless compatibility with the PlayStation 5. A lot of expensive gaming headsets load up on features and stumble when it comes to the fundamentals. The Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE is an extremely versatile gaming headset. Background music and ambient sounds were lush and full bodied, with articulate highs and a solid low end. Corsair's attention to detail makes these fancy cans tough to pass up. To assess these cans, I played a handful of games, including Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus on the PC and God of War on the PS4, along with music and some Netflix. Additionally, there’s a whole host of onboard controls and ports not so subtly lining the bottom edges. The Corsair Virtuoso Wireless SE offers pretty accurate sound for a gaming headset. I don’t know if I’d go that far, but if any gaming headset could make that claim: it’d be this one. The high-bandwidth omni-directional microphone of the VIRTUOSO RGB Wireless provides wide dynamic range and superb vocal clarity rivaling that of standalone microphones, fully detachable with an RGB LED ring to indicate live or mute status. I spent many hours with these headphones listening to music, and there was no doubt that exposed nuances in music that are just a blur with lesser headphones, like the surprisingly complicated drumming buried in the back of the mix in Oasis’s Wonderwall. If you buy something through this post, IGN may get a share of the sale. From the moment you remove Virtuoso RGB from its box, you can sense that Corsair has really made an effort in terms of build quality and aesthetics. In fact, some users claim that the non-SE headset is better than the SE version for one simple reason: the microphone. There’s one switch, one dial, and one button, so no matter which you touch, you won’t be confused about what’s going to happen. This wireless gaming headset can connect to your PC, mobile device, or console of choice using a 3.5mm cord, USB cord, or wirelessly with a 2.4GHz USB RF dongle (included with the headset). 8 the case is plush and luxurious. Installing the app brings access to a suite of additional features, including virtual 7.1 surround sound, additional EQ presets, and the ability to customize the colored LEDs on the sides of the headset. They should be fine in more casual conditions, however, and should be suitable for gaming and listening to music if … This is a fantastic headset if you’re looking for something to play Dungeons and Dragons over the internet. We review the new Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE headset. The headset has a built in sleep mode, which you can adjust in iCue, so light users shouldn’t have to recharge it too often. In principle, this should avoid the many problems with traditional Bluetooth audio. There’s nothing here that’s so far out of whack that it would seriously impact the average listening experience, though this is hardly a headset for someone chasing a perfectly accurate audio experience. It’s loud, clear, and accurate—frankly, it sounds great. You can use the wireless USB cord or dongle for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch when it’s docked. A gorgeous ring around the mic glows red or green, making it easy to tell in your peripheral vision if you’re live or muted -- another nice detail. There are plenty of less expensive headphones with the same drivers. Without even trying them on, you get the sense that Corsair know that; these are understated headphones that have more in common with, say, a high-end Beyerdynamic than Corsair’s own VOID Pro RGB SE headphones. All things considered, the Corsair Virtuoso Wireless SE offers some of the best isolation you will find in a gaming headset. - Page 2 of 4. The headset also supports Windows Sonic Spatial Audio—something available on both PC and Xbox One, and both options work well. The Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE (See it at Amazon) is positioned as a high-fidelity wireless gaming headset and is priced accordingly, at $220. Corsair Virtuoso RGB SE review: Finally a fancy headset to match the rest of Corsair's hardware Corsair's new Virtuoso RGB SE doesn't sound quite as good as it looks, but it looks really damn good. The headphones are similarly well constructed. If you’re looking for something to spend a chunk of change on, the Corsair Virtuoso Wireless SE might be worth buying., standard Corsair Virtuoso Wireless RGB headset. This review will focus on the "regular" Virtuoso RGB Wireless. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. The Corsair Virtuoso SE and Virtuoso are designed to be the best wireless gaming headsets on the market in 2019. Simply put, the headphones delivered superb sound throughout the gaming experience. There’s nothing approaching active noise cancelling here, but the thick leatherette earpads really do a great job blocking out midrange and treble frequencies. Stereo sound isn’t actually that much less precise than this—surround sound won’t make you better at Fortnite, it just offers a little more information, nice though it may be. That said, the headphones boast a very generous dynamic range of 20Hz to 40,000Hz. Corsair calls it a “broadcast-grade” microphone (more on that in a bit), and it connects to the headset using mini-USB, rather than the typical 3.5mm jack. Generally, we here at SoundGuys think it’s worth it to spend the money on decent pair of headphones. Corsair claims the Virtuoso Wireless SE can last up to 20 hours on a single charge, and in our testing we found it lasted 23 hours of consistent playback at ~75dB. There are some plastic components, but they’re built around a lot of machined aluminum, both in the band and cups. This means the mic, and its button, are actually capable of more complex things, when paired with Corsair’s iCue companion app. From a frequency response perspective, this microphone is super accurate, with a neutral output across the board. Liked: Powerful hi-res audio Immaculate presentation Disliked: Wireless range depends on house construction It’s really well built, very comfortable, and easy to use on different platforms. Additionally, installing the app changes the microphone’s behavior a little bit—the various beeps that indicate when it’s muted or not are replaced with a recorded voice saying the same information, and holding the mute button toggles mic monitoring. The dial rotates smoothly but stiffly, so you won’t spin it by accident -- a nice detail. Wireless connectivity is the signature feature here. The cups also swivel to sit on your ears more comfortably. On top of that, it doesn’t suffer from the volume (or rather, power) issues that most gaming headset microphones struggle with. Please note that 7.1 surround sound is only available on PC. If it's not compatible immediately, the Xbox Series X may also slowly add more compatible USB headsets as time goes on like the Nintendo Switch did. If you’re looking for a gaming headset as a more practical solution for business done primarily over Zoom, it’s very possible none of that stuff matters to you. There’s a little bit of that here, but not so much that it would mask other quieter sounds. And it does--the sound quality is frankly superb for both gaming and music. Check out the review for the Corsair Virtuoso RGB SE wireless gaming headset. My review on the Corsair Virtuoso SE. The Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE packaging features a very clean design, with minimal text on the front of the box and a glossy, high resolution image of the headset taking center. While many of Corsair’s gaming products stretch across a wide price range, the company’s gaming headsets have always offered decent audio and features for relatively modest prices. However, if you’re one of the many, many people who now find themselves sitting in voice chat or Zoom calls for interminable amounts of time, you probably won’t find something that sounds better than this. The audio was great in game, with no complaints from anyone about audio quality, but the better test was when recording audio in Skype and Audacity. In the pantheon of gaming headset software, iCue sits somewhere in the middle of the pack. HyperX Cloud Flight S. 7.7. The VIRTUOSO RGB Wireless SE uses a unique micro-perforation process to enable dynamic RGB lighting to shine through its aluminum ear cup plates, allowing for subtle lighting that also becomes virtually invisible … The Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE have decently breathable pads but will still make your ears fairly warm and sweat more than usual, meaning they may not be ideal for sports or working out.

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