Business Owners Guide To Planning, Growing and Selling Their Business

About Exit Rich

Get Clear on Your Business

Learn how to clearly identify what kind of business you have and how that affects what types of buyers to pursue.

The 6 Ps of Business

The 6 Ps provide a formula for the key areas of your business so you can find the weak spots and build them up while maintaining your strong areas.

Make Your Business Irresistible

Exactly what you need to do to get your internal documentation in order, stage your business and attract qualified buyers.

Confidently Navigate Selling Your Business

You’ll learn the major pieces in selling any business and what to expect at each stage so you are better prepared when you are ready to sell.

Reap the Benefits

Following the system in front of you will put you in the best position possible for profiting huge from selling your business.

Enjoy The Process

Knowing that you can count on the Exit Rich strategies, you'll finally start to enjoy the process of growing your business.  It'll feel like you've got someone in your corner, because you do!

Steve Forbes

"It's stunning that so many business owners end up leaving so much equity on the table when they want to cash out.  That's why this book will be a goldmine for these entrepreneurs."

Steve Forbes

Chairman and Editor-In-Chief, Forbes

About Michelle Seiler Tucker

Michelle Seiler Tucker is a Mergers and Acquisitions Master Intermediary (M&AMI) and an owner of multiple businesses. 

She’s spent more than 20 years helping hundreds of business owners get away from only working in their business and start letting their business work and build wealth for them.

Michelle specializes in identifying places where a business can increase profits and has developed a proven solution to selling businesses for maximum value.

She has taken her knowledge and experience with selling businesses and packaged it into a step by step process within Exit Rich.

About Sharon Lechter

Sharon Lechter is a financial literacy expert for AICPA and was a member of the Presidential Financial Literacy Advisory Council for both Presidents Bush and Obama. 

She has spent decades building, buying, and selling businesses and has had several successful exits from businesses she built. Sharon has mentored hundreds of business owners on doing the same. 

Sharon provides invaluable insight from the top and builds on the foundation of Exit Rich with her tremendous business and professional experience. 

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