CNC Machining

As with any technology, proper programing and operation are critical to quality assurance. ISM has invested heavily in systems and software such as the Parlec Visual Tool Center — a high optic camera that ensures CNC equipment is set up correctly for every project. This technology automatically checks customer specifications such as run out and fine-tunes the machine to assure every part is produced as intended. And, every CNC part is inspected resulting in outstanding product quality without sacrificing efficiency.

  • CNC Machining
  • CNC Turning
  • Manual Machining
  • High Speed Sawing

Horizontal and Vertical CNC Machining

From developing a prototype of a new part to the production of hundreds of identical parts, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) equipment enables a higher level of quality, precision and productivity than was possible a few short years ago. Over the past twenty-five years Industrial Sales and Manufacturing, Inc., (ISM) has made a continual investment in state-of –art CNC Milling and Turning equipment. Over the past five years alone ISM has invested over $10 million in CNC machining and quality control equipment. This investment translates to better quality, shorter lead times and a globally competitive price for our customers.

CNC Flexible Machining Systems

Our CNC shop is designed for efficiency in product flow and operations. This design entails the location of identical machines in machining “cells” that can efficiently be operated by one CNC technician per shift. What used to take 12 technicians can now be performed by one technician per shift

CNC Fixturing & Set Up

Our newest CNC acquisitions include Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) capabilities. These systems feature a high level of automation, enabling our company to truly compete on a global level. Our FMS systems use up to 120 tools to work on 45 unique pallets per machine. ISM can machine parts up to 36” cubes of steel, stainless or aluminum.

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