IV Lifestyle Drips

Your body works hard enough—it shouldn’t have to work hard to get the essential vitamins and nutrients needed for optimal wellness. IV drips are absorbed at a much higher percentage, feeding your cells to fuel a more balanced life.


It’s like getting a bag full of energy! Free radical neutralizing antioxidants, mitochondrial enhancing micronutrients, no wonder this is one of our most popular drips. As its name implies, this drip can be a source of energy boosting, micronutrient enhancing health support.

In addition to brain and cellular benefits, the mix of the vitamins in the Power Pack along with a high dose of vitamin C are powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants are critical to neutralize free radicals caused by the stress, wear and tear of daily life.


Your immune system is your “Shield“ against infections and illness. Keeping your immune system working properly is the key to diminishing the risk of infections.

In many cases, sinus infections, head colds, bronchitis, chest colds and other infections are caused not by bacteria, but by viruses. In such settings not only are oral antibiotics ineffective, but they can be harmful. Antibiotics have been shown to disrupt the healthy balance of bacteria in the gut (known as the microbiome). Ironically, disrupting the healthy bacteria in the gut can weaken your immune system giving the virus the opportunity for greater growth.

Other viral illnesses such as cold sores, herpes, shingles, are also more likely to occur at times of stress, weakness and fatigue.

If you have recently been exposed to illness, and especially if you find yourself in a condition where your own immune system is likely weakened, the Shield IV may be of help.

Executive NAD

For those who want the most in their anti-aging support. Nobel winners have joined the chorus of those pointing to preserving mitochondria as one of the keys to delay aging. NAD is essential to healthy mitochondrial function. Mitochondrial function is essential for youthful energy and good health.

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) - is a cofactor found in all living cells.

Robust life requires abundant energy. Mitochondria are the small organelles inside of each cell that are responsible for producing energy. As go the cells, so goes the body. If The mitochondria are not working properly, or are degraded, the cell will lack energy, and so will you.

All mitochondria are inherited from our mothers. Virtually no mitochondria come from our fathers. In addition to the natural decay of mitochondria that occurs with aging, there are some individuals who are believed to be suffering from genetically inherited “NAD Energy Deficiency Syndrome.” This syndrome is characterized by low energy states and chronic fatigue and may predispose individuals to compulsive/addictive forms of behavior.

NAD is a critical component of mitochondrial health. Levels of NAD decline as we age. The decline is felt to be a major contributor to mitochondrial degradation, and the aging process itself.


As the Soother flows in, feel the stress flow out. Tense muscles and a tense mind travel together. The Soother gives aid to both.

Muscle pain, spasm, and anxiety can be triggered or amplified by inadequacies of critical minerals and vitamins. Studies have shown that migraines may be caused by low body stores of magnesium. This drip uses a combination of magnesium along with high dose vitamins to help support cellular health, with the objective of reducing spasms, muscle pain, headache and symptoms of anxiety.

Perhaps nowhere is the brain/body connection more prominent than that between the stress centers of your brain in the muscles. Muscle tension and psychological stress go hand-in-hand.

Your brain is an organ like any other in your body and requires proper nutrition and care in order to function its best. Depression and stress can be caused by, or amplified by micronutrient deficiencies. Sometimes we ignore the stress we are facing, and it comes out as painful muscles.

In addition to the mind body connection with regard to stress and muscle pain, there is the intrinsic muscle pain that comes as a consequence of fibromyalgia, and other forms of chronic inflammation. Drug therapy is disappointingly ineffective, and frequently accompanied with side effects.

The Soother has a blend of magnesium, B vitamins, zinc, vitamin C and other micronutrients to support mental health, and disrupt muscle tension.

(note - patients suffering with headaches or pain are advised to have a medical evaluation to ensure that the symptoms are not being caused by a treatable condition. The Soother is intended to alleviate symptoms only. It does not treat any disease state).


For those times when too much of a good thing, leaves you feeling not so great. The restoration helps to flush toxins out of your body, and infuses you with micronutrients, antioxidants, and fluid to help accelerate your rehydration and recovery.

This combination of intravenous fluids, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants can help to decrease the symptoms of alcohol intake, poor sleep, travel, and other activities erosive to good health.

(note - This drip is not known to prevent the adverse effects of chronic heavy alcohol consumption. THE DRIPBaR encourages responsible use of alcoholic beverages and a balanced lifestyle)

Time Machine

One of our most popular drips for people feeling well who want to stay that way. This drip pulls out (chelates) lead and other toxic heavy metals in a gentle manner, at the same time it floods your body with vitamins in nutraceuticals that support healthy arteries, healthy skin, healthy organs and a healthy brain.

We all want to be the best version of ourselves. We want to avoid illness, maintain our vitality and avoid heart disease, cancer and dementia.

This drip is a foundational piece of anti-aging therapy. It encompasses a wide array of objectives.

(note - You will not actually travel back in time, nor will you literally experience reversal of chronological aging. There is no single treatment that is proven to retard aging. All ‘anti-aging’ claims are based on basic science evidence and the opinion of doctors and scientists).

All Star

It’s not how you start the race that matters, it’s how you finish. Done prior to the race, this can be a springboard to your best performance. Afterwards, it gives your body what it needs to recover. Make sure you arrive at the starting line fully fueled. Vitamin C helps support all of your ligaments tendons and muscles that will be put to the test.

B-vitamins support metabolism, energy, and provide antioxidants to neutralize a free radical assault from the stress of exercise.

L-arginine has a vasodilating effect that can help improve blood flow to the muscles.

L-carnitine supports mitochondrial energy.

Large amounts of magnesium can be lost through sweat. If magnesium levels are not ideal you will be more likely to develop muscle cramping, and irregular heartbeats. The magnesium in the ‘All Star’ bypasses goes right to the cells from the vein so the risk of GI side effects associated with oral magnesium is avoided.

(note - the “ALLSTAR” has not been tested in double blind studies to assess impact on performance).

Pre Op

No matter how “minor,” surgery is a trauma and a shock to the system. You should prepare for this event like your life depends on it. The Pre OP IV fills you with the ingredients your body needs to help you get through.

Proper preparation for surgery can diminish operative risk and speed recovery. This drip is intended to be used in addition to healthy sleep, alcohol avoidance, and proper nutrition. It provides micronutrients including zinc to support immune function, and vitamin c to support healing and collagen formation.

Studies evaluating the benefit of vitamin therapy preoperatively have shown trends toward benefit with reductions in complications such as cardiac irregularities, duration of hospital stay, need to go to intensive care units, etc.

Infusions of magnesium have also been demonstrated to reduce postoperative pain.

High doses of vitamin C set the foundation to support the high demand of collagen production that will occur at the time of surgery.

Zinc, along with the magnesium and vitamin C also are supportive of your immune function. A robust immune system will help you avoid infectious complications.

Because these vitamins are given intravenously, they achieve maximum cellular benefit, and do not have the potential to irritate your gastrointestinal system in the days leading up to surgery.

(note - although the ingredients in this drip are supportive of tissue health, the “Preop” has not been demonstrated in controlled studies to improve surgical outcomes).

Post Op

This ‘fuel for recovery’ includes vitamin c to support wound healing, fluids, amino acids and essential nutrients to help speed recovery. After surgery, the gut can shut down leaving your body depleted, but your veins remain open to receive the restorative benefit of the Post Op IV infusion.

Postoperatively there is a risk for infection, wound breakdown, and poor gastric absorption of protein in micronutrients. The drugs used at the time of surgery often will leave the gut impaired in function.

Vitamin C and micronutrients will be infused through the vein to get directly to the tissue that has been traumatized by surgery and support its recovery.

Magnesium will be there to support smooth cardiac function, as well as immune function. Magnesium has been associated with decreased postoperative pain.

Along with magnesium, zinc will be included for the benefit of enzymatic activities, as well as support of immune function.

The goal is to decrease the risk of wound break down, or infection. Either of these events can present as a postoperative disaster that can extend recovery.

The intravenous fluids that you receive will help flush out the toxins from the drugs used at the time of surgery, support good kidney function, and help restore energy.

Depending on the magnitude of surgery and your speed of recovery, this infusion can be repeated once or twice a week until you are all the way back to your health.

(note - although the ingredients in this drip are essential for cellular health, the POSTOP IV” has not been shown in clinical studies to reduce complications or speed healing.)


Whether for business or pleasure, your travel plans should not include an invitation to illness. Stress, in the cascade of free radicals from ultraviolet exposure, weakens your immune system. Make the Jet Setter IV part of your preflight routine.

“Ionizing radiation consists of subatomic particles that, on interacting with an atom, can cause the atom to lose one or more orbital electrons or even break apart its nucleus. Such events occurring in body tissues may lead to health problems.” ~US Department of Transportation, FAA.

In addition to exposure from other passengers, flying exposes our body to a cascade of free radicals (those are molecules that are missing an electron). The Jet Setter IV is designed to provide you with high levels of antioxidants along with hydration to help you through your flight.


“Free radicals” are unstable molecules created by the stress of daily living that slam about the body causing damage to all of our systems including the brain and accelerate the aging process. “Antioxidants” are the natural way these substances are neutralized. By supplementing the right type and number of antioxidants at the right time, the damaging effects of free radicals can be neutralized.

(note - use of this drip has not been proven to prevent disease or illness)

Flu Fighter

Nothing crushes a flu or a cold better than your immune system. When you start to feel the early signs, we recommend that you “Drip, Don’t Drug.” The Flu Fighter IV supports your immune function without the awful side effects, and gut ripping consequences of antibiotics. Zinc is essential for immune function, and IV vitamin C may help to fight the virus that causes illness. This drip gives your body the fluids, vitamins and minerals your immune system needs to support its best function.

The Flu Fighter has all of the immune supporting attributes as our Shield IV, only with the added benefit of enhanced fluids to reverse dehydration, and amino acids to provide protein nourishment in the face of decreased food intake and increased metabolic demand.

Dehydration can amplify the negative symptoms of any acute illness, put a strain on the kidneys, and make it difficult for the body to flush out toxins.

Regardless of the cause of your illness, the intravenous hydration offered by the FLU FIGHTER can be a welcomed relief.

(note - the ingredients in this drip are known to be important for proper immune function, however the drip has not been evaluated in controlled studies to assess its impact on infectious illnesses)


Tight, smooth, lustrous skin depends more on what you put in your body, than what you put on it. Make the Firm IV part of your total body skin beautification and maintenance routine.

The epidermis, that is the outer layer of your skin, is designed to repel penetration by outside substances. Therefore, it makes sense to support your skin from the inside out, as well as from the outside in. Any anti-aging regimen is not complete unless it takes into account supporting facial and skin anti-aging. Your skin is attacked by free radicals from ultraviolet radiation every day. Exposed areas are most acutely affected, but all of your skin receives some impact.

Sun blocks are simply not enough to prevent aging of the skin. Even with sunblock, the radiation penetrates to the deeper layers where the collagen is formed causing it to degrade. Vitamin C is known to be a critical component of collagen, including the collagen in the skin and the layers beneath the skin that keep things tight.

Without proper micronutrients, the connection between the outer and the inner layer of skin can loosen creating more wrinkles and aging skin.

This infusion contains high dose vitamin C, other antioxidants including the B complex vitamins, and a high dose of biotin. Biotin is widely used as an oral supplement to support skin, nails and hair. By delivering it directly through the vein the expectation is that it will have a greater impact on the skin supporting its best tone.

The infusion is finished with a high dose of glutathione. Glutathione neutralizes the free radicals that are known to damage skin and collagen. It also has a capacity to affect the overproduction of pigment in the skin causing it to subtly lighten.

(note - claims are made based on patient experience on physician observation. Studies have not been done to verify benefit).

The Debut

This gentle Infusion inspired by the classic “Myers cocktail” is a blend of vitamins and hydration intended to support immune function, energy, mental clarity, and support general well-being.


Allergic rhinitis is caused by an abnormal immune response due to allergens that enter the body from the environment. The immune response triggers an inflammatory cascade of free radicals and cytokines that create the symptoms. This infusion contains high levels of antioxidants to neutralize that reaction.

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