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I firmly believe that there’s never been a better time to invest in gold. And the “Penny Gold” strategy that I just shared with you is only the beginning.

Even if gold just rallies to $2,500, with the information I’ll send you right now, you could be looking at a substantial gain. But, if gold heads towards $15,000 by 2026 like I believe, you could be looking at making even MORE money off gold!

Here’s the best part...

Usually, the published price for a one year subscription is $5,000 – and of course, that would be a bargain for what you’re getting. However, right now you can get one year of my research service Rickard’s Gold Speculator for just $2,995.

That works out to be a tiny fraction of the amount of money my publisher set aside to get this project off the ground.

And believe me, with everything you’ll get, this could add up to a lifetime of HUGE gains as gold continues higher. All you have to do is agree to a year’s subscription today.

The 13 “Penny Gold” picks alone are worth more than that!

Here's what you get when you agree to a charter subscription:

Full Access to Analysis of Upcoming “MIDAS” System Recommendations

Each month my analyst and I will send you a brand new monthly issue including a recommendation from our MIDAS system. This system is the most powerful strategy you’ll find in gold. And it’s your chance to keep multiplying your gains as gold heads higher.

Instant Access to my "Penny Gold Allocated Portfolio"

This model portfolio alone is worth the price of admission. You’ll receive our list of 13 hand-picked “Penny Gold” plays. Plus, you'll also get another level of service -- including recommendations on what to buy and what quantities to buy. It’s a fully allocated model portfolio.

FULL-list Model Portfolio Updates

Each month, we’ll also be sure to send you a FULL update on our “Penny Gold Allocated Portfolio” so you never have to wonder what to do with your holdings.

Combined, this full suite of benefits will keep you at the “top of the champagne tower” – right where you belong.

Plus, you'll also receive these two special bonuses...

A Valuable “G-series” Gold Coin –

Discreetly, I’d like to mail you a gold coin. This type of fine gold coin has the ability to skyrocket in value as gold heads higher. I’m talking about real (not plated) hold-in-your-hands gold. And it’s yours Absolutely FREE.

A Virtual VIP Invite to Any Mining Trips that We Set Up For You. –

Although I can’t guarantee anything here, I can give you my word that if we can set up a trip to a gold mine or gold facility you’ll be the first to know.

That’s FIVE benefits altogether. And the minute you give me the go-ahead I’ll rush everything to you immediately. That’ means you’ll have instant access to our full “Penny Gold Allocated Portfolio” – including 13 official recommendations.

But please accept this offer fast.

Plus, if you’ll let me, I’d also like to also rush you TWO more “special situation” reports...

The Path to $15,000 Gold

And How to Profit as it Rises

The M.I.D.A.S. Touch

Learn how to choose stocks like the industry-makers!

Combined, these extra bonuses will get you fast-tracked on my new thesis for gold and the MIDAS system. It’s absolutely EVERYTHING you need to get started today. Full, red carpet treatment. And you’ll get it all with your charter membership.

Although I’ve done everything in my power to make this deal the best in the business – we’re only allowing 1% of my paid readership in the doors today. Once we fill up those spots, that’s it.

I fully believe that this is the best move you can make in the gold market today.

The sooner you get started, however, the better.

The “golden window” is open and gold’s next move could be moments away. So, don’t wait too long to fill out the secure order form on the bottom of this page.

Get started now. I hope to see your name on my Charter Reader list soon!




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How much money can I expect to make from “Penny Gold?”

Remember, I’m a global macro analyst not a “stock picker.” But I can say that the research I’ve shown you today is conclusive. “Penny Gold” companies are the hands-down best way to turn a modest move higher in gold into even higher gains.

If I’m right and gold marches to $15,000... Then every $10,000 invested in what you’re about to see could grow to $339,024 by 2026. Even if I’m wrong, and gold only hits $2,500 in the years ahead... then the “Penny Gold” plays I want to share with you could still hand you more than $24,000.

Why haven’t I heard of the MIDAS system?

That’s easy. The MIDAS system is my proprietary way to lock in on the best “Penny Gold” opportunities. Only my prior readers had exclusive access to this research. But today, through this special charter membership, you can join me and start putting this impressive gold-picking system to work. Starting with 13 of our hand-picked “Penny Gold” plays.

Is this “g-series” gold coin really free?

Yes, when I say FREE I mean it. Some other outfits would take the price of the coin, mark it up and tack it on top of the price of a subscription.

But what good is that?

That’s just a trick to increase the amount you pay – and “sell” a gold coin to you.

That’s not what I’m pitching. I won’t be increasing the discounted price to fit in the price of the coin.

To prove it to you, just take a look at another one of my research advisories for instance. The published price of Crash Speculator is $5,000 and I’ll sometimes discount it to $2,995. Today’s offer is exactly the same... only in this case I’m going to mail you a FREE “g-series” gold coin!

How soon will I get access to the Penny Gold Allocated Portfolio?

Within 10 minutes of responding today, you can download everything right on your computer, phone, tablet or other device. That is, except for the gold coin I’m going to send you. You can’t download gold!

Can I find this information in your book?

Unfortunately, no.

Although my book, The New Case For Gold is a great primer on WHY you should hold physical gold, I don’t disclose any “Penny Gold” opportunities.

This “Penny Gold” situation is simply moving too fast. I just signed the partnership agreement with my top 6-figure analyst and we just put the finishing touches on our model “Penny Gold Allocated Portfolio.” You won’t find that in my book. Today’s charter membership is the only place you’ll find it.

Why aren’t you offering a refund?

It’s simple. I’ve moved heaven and earth to get this gold project off the ground. My publisher has given the green light on $1,000,000. I’ve secured my top analyst. And I plan on sending you a free “g-series” gold coin. Plus, Charter Members get full access to research on 13 “Penny Gold” plays. Add it all up and I can’t offer a refund. This offer is for serious buyers only. But, I have no doubt that you’re one of them. So please act fast, and join me.

Is now really the time to buy gold?

Yes, for two reasons. In the first two bull gold markets, the majority of the gains came towards the end in a super-spike blow-off. We are in the early stages of this bull market so we could finally be looking at the beginning of a HUGE move in gold. The second timing issue is even more important. You see, physical gold is flying off the shelves at the COMEX (that’s where they hold the commodities market gold.) To me, this is a clear sign that gold is about to go ballistic.

Who Can I Contact If I Have A Question?

We have an in-house team of experts dedicated to making sure you’re happy with your subscription. Our Baltimore team works regular business hours (9-5, Mon-Fri) and they’re standing by ready to answer your questions or point you in the right direction. Simply put, if you’ve got a question about your subscription or want to take advantage of our research, simply call our toll-free number or shoot us an email. We’re standing by!


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